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Halloween Fun: “Witch’s Night Out”

This year for Halloween, I have decided to do a regular column titled “Halloween Fun” showcasing some Halloween favorites from my childhood. These artifacts will include old programs, movies, and literature. I am so excited!

This week, I would like to present “Witch’s Night Out.” This fun Canadian program, which first aired on 27 October 1978 (I was two months old!), follows a forgotten witch who longs for some “work” on Halloween, and does she find some! Small and Tender, two children from the nearby town, are itching to scare people for Halloween. They and their babysitter, Bazooey, allow the witch to transform them into monsters, and they bring terror to the city-wide Halloween party. Soon, they realize that scaring people is not all it is cracked up to be.

This oldie-but-goodie features some memorable characters: the “washed-up” witch, Small and Tender, Rotten and Malicious, Goodley and Nicely (do you think these names have any special meaning?). So, pop some popcorn, pour your favorite beverage, turn off the lights, and enjoy some Halloween magic with “Witch’s Night Out”!

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Andres Munoz, Jr.