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Halloween Fun: “Dr Seuss – Halloween is Grinch Night”

Dr Seuss – Halloween is Grinch Night (complete – HQ) – YouTube.

Now THIS is one of my all-time favorite Halloween animated specials. As a child, I was a great fan of Dr. Seuss, and this Halloween special was a treat for me!

In this special, you will meet Euchariah, a young Who staying with his siblings and grandparents when the Sour Sweet Wind begins to blow through Whoville. While wind would not normally worry us, the Whos begin to close up shop. Why? Because the Sour Sweet Wind upsets the Gree-Grumps, who start growling, and the growling disturbs the Hakken-Krakks, who begin howling, and the growling and the howling enrage the Grinch, who decides to come down from Mt. Crumpit and terrorize the Whos. Unfortunately, little Euchariah leaves to go to the “euphemism,” or bathroom, when he gets blown away to Mt. Crumpit and meets the Grinch on his yearly Halloween rampage. Will Euchariah allow the Grinch to reach Whoville, or will he succeed in distracting him?

Join Euchariah as he faces the Grinch’s flying eyebrows and slave-dog, Max, on his journey to the euphemism in Dr. Seuss’s “Halloween is Grinch Night.” Don’t forget to sing along!

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