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Halloween Fun: Disney’s “Mr. Boogedy”

1986 saw the Disney Channel special premiere of “Mr. Boogedy,” a Halloween treat featuring the Davis family, city folk moving to a little town called Lucifer Falls in the middle of New England to open a joke store. As chance would have it, their fixer-upper just happens to be haunted by the ghosts of three pilgrims. Mr. Boogedy, one of the ghosts, is a mean-spirited, well…spirit, who terrorized the community in life as well as in death. His magic cloak, given to him by the Devil himself, gives him the power to keep the spirit of young Jonathan in the house with him as a hostage. The payment? The hand of Jonathan’s mother, the Widow Marian.

Join the Davis’s as they humorously try to rid the house of Mr. Boogedy and regain their peace of mind.

Remember, watch out for the Boogedy man!

*Please note: the above link is to Part 1 of the movie. You can find links to the remaining parts on the actual Youtube page.*

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