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David Perry’s Games Better than Real Life

David Perry, game designer

David Perry, game designer

As part of my experience with 3d GameLab, I was asked to watch a TED talk by David Perry, a video game designer, about how the real pull of new video games is emotion, meaning, purpose, understanding, and feeling. The underlying question in the talk is what value do games bring to the table? Why do we humans even bother with games? As a gamer myself, what David says about games rings true: games give us lenses through which to experience our reality. Micheal Highland talked about games having the power to change the way we think about each other and the world because of the level of engagement they offer.

As a quest designer, it is important I speak to the entire person, and not just the person’s intellect. I must imbue my quests with meaning and purpose, and I must give my audience a chance to emotionally connect with the subject. As an educator, this is important as it keeps me honest: it keeps me focused on what is important rather than on what is ancillary.

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