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English IV

William Shakespeare

English IV focuses on advanced reading, writing, and research methods to prepare students for college and career level work.

AP Literature

Billy Collins

AP English Literature focuses on college-level reading, writing, and reserach methods to prepare students to take the College Board AP exam in May.

Dual Credit

E.B. White

Dual Credit English offers students to complete credit for college freshman Compoisition I and II. The class focuses on the writing process, ethical use of sources, and practice in writing in a number of different genres.

Educational Philosophy

I am a professional educator with a passion for learning. I am a firm believer that creativity is the most powerful ability we have, and our creativity exposes us to various opportunities for learning. We learn by challenging ourselves.

My role as an educator is based on constructivist and connectivist learning theories, as well as metaphors created by John Seely Brown, Clarence Fisher, Curtis Bonk, and George Siemens: Master Artist, Network Administrator, Concierge, and Curator.

The Master Artist creates an open studio-like space for students to create in full view of other students, allowing for collaboration, dialogue, and constructive feedback. The Master Artist observes the students' activities, offers feedback, and highlights exceptional pieces. The Network Adminstrator helps students form connections and create learning networks, critically evaluate sources of information, and understand how key concepts are related and understood. The Concierge directs students to resources or learning opportunities and acts as a soft guide, offering both directed and independent learning experiences. The Curator, as an expert learner, "creates spaces in which knowledge can be created, explored, and connected." The Curator allows students to independently explore and discover new knowledge while offering learning maps to help. (Siemens, Learning and Knowing in Networks: Changing Roles for Educators and Designers).

I believe: