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I usually don’t talk about what I do for fun (like I have much time for “fun” anyway), but I think so much of my personality is tied in with my hobbies that I need to bring my “free-time” activities into my blog. The first one? Gaming.

Game On!


Cerithan out on a fishing holiday

My gaming experience is made up of years of playing consul, computer, and table-top games (please see the “About Me” page to learn more about the specific games I play). For the past few years, most of my gaming time is spent in Azeroth (or for you non-gamers, World of Warcraft). Since the expansion for World of WarcraftWarlords of Draenor — is due out in November, I have decided to update my Night Elf druid, Cerithan, gear-wise and play him as my main for the next expansion. In fact, I think I may end up maining my druid for the foreseeable future. I enjoy the druid play style , and I am especially looking forward to the gear itemization changes that will be implemented with the next expansion. For those of you unaware of what that means for a druid, it means druids can change specs and theoretically would not have to change gear, as it should have the both main druid stats (intellect and agility). Druids are known for having to carry two or more sets of gear (versus other classes, which only really need one), so this gear itemization change will not only allow druids to actually play like hybrids, but it will be a huge quality of life (and bag space) change.

Pre-Expansion Goals

Before every new expansion is released, I try to set up a series of goals to finish on the character I plan to main for the next year. My plans for this pre-expansion period?

  1. Raise Outland and Northrend reputations to exalted.I am one of those weird OCD gamers that don’t like to see their reputation bars half-full. I already raised all Pandaria reputations to (full) exalted, so now it’s time to finish that pesky Netherwing rep and befriend those Argent Crusaders stationed up in Icecrown. To be honest, I am motivated by a love of mounts here: I want the Green Protodrake from the Oracles, the Grand Mammoth from the Sons of Hodir, and the special mounts from the Argent Crusade.
  2. Find the Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe and get my “Chef” title!Don’t get me started on this one. I have been dragging my druid butt through Dalaran and Shattrath completing fishing and cooking dailies to find that recipe, and I am so close to wrapping my hands around the Rokk, turning that smug little goblin upside down, and forcing him to drop that blasted recipe! But seriously, I will continue to complete those dailies until I am able to bake that “Delicious Chocolate Cake,” and mark my words: it better be triple dark chocolate, or that goblin is going down!
  3. Grow my guild, Ink and Quill.Okay, I’ll be honest: when I first started my guild, it was meant to be a RP guild, then it reverted to a private guild so I could use the guild bank as an extension of my personal one. However, I really want to run dungeons with guild members, and I do want to try my hand at casual raiding, so I have decided to start recruiting mature members who are interested in trying all that WoW has to offer: RP, leveling, dungeons, raiding, and even PvP. Which leads me to number four….
  4. Learn how to PvP.I always suffered from a lack of confidence, and it really bothered me when that lack of self-esteem followed me into my gaming experiences. It is one of the reasons I am not anxious to run PUGs for dungeons or raids, and is the reason I do not currently run LFR. However, it is time I purchase some entry-level PvP gear and start kicking some Horde behind.

The bottom line is: I have a LOT to do before the pre-patch drops in a couple of weeks, so I better get grinding.

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