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How-To: Diigo

This first installment of my “How-To” series will focus on Diigo, the social bookmarking and annotation site. When I first started playing with social bookmarking sites early in the century, I was a devoted delicious user. I looked at Diigo at one point, but it was primitive at the time, […]

Blog Name Change – Edit

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Just a quick post to announce the change of my blog’s title from “Pilgrim’s Corner” to “Sacred Rhythms.” The change came after careful reflection on my blog’s purpose and character. I will be blogging more often, so check back when you can! Pax, Andy


Hello, and welcome to my blog! I will be keeping this blog as a site for reflection on education, technology, and geek culture. My first real entry will be posted tomorrow, so stay tuned. Thanks!